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31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods
by Dan Chiras and Dave Wann

The dream of creating sustainable cities is a noble and inspiring one, but the harsh reality is that many people currently live in the the suburbs. Transforming these areas to serve people better and to reduce human impact on the environment is a process that can start right away. Dozens of real-life examples from all over North America show you how.

Superbia! is a book of fun and practical ideas for creating more socially, economically, and envionmentally sustainable neighborhoods. The authors first trace the history of the suburbs, showing how they fail to meet many peoples’ needs. They then describe how existing urban and suburban neighborhoods can be transformed using the authors’ 31 steps that range from easiest to boldest, and include:

  • The creation of a neighborhood newsletter to foster a sense of neighborhood identity and cooperation
  • Regular community dinners, discussion groups, and babysitting co-ops
  • The removal of backyard fences to create park-like spaces for community play areas and gardens
  • Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, and
  • Installing community energy systems

Dozens of examples from all over North America and beyond provide real-life proof that citizens like you can create Superbia! – especially with the most comprehensive resource listing imaginable that puts all the tools needed at your fingertips.

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